My Short Profile

I am experienced IT Consultant
Graduated Master of Science
in Computer Science / Software Systems
with more then 16 years of experience
in large scale IT project.

I have work experience
in the following Business sectors:

• Publishing houses and media (1999-2003)

• Public and Government (2004-2007)

• Telecommunication (2008-2011)

• E-Commerce (2011-2016)

I am specializing in the following areas:

• Large-Scale Software Architecture

• Front- and Backend-Software developement

• Build & Configuration Management

• Content and Knowledge Management

Software Architecture

Hands-on experience with:

Enterprise Architecture Patterns, UML,

Model Driven Architeture,

SOA, J2EE, Spring and REST.

Front- and Backend-

Many years of experience
in software development
using a variety of systems and languages:

C/C++, Java, JavaScript,
HTML, CSS, Node.js, Angular, CK, jQuery,

DB: Oracle, PL/SQL, Mongo

Build & Configuration

Developed and managed build environments
for several complex projects using:
MAVEN, ANT, Jenkins,
Nexus, Unix shell scripting

I am always open
to new challenges.

Please check out my CV for detailed information.
Do not hesitate to contact me!